See companies visiting
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Fill up your sales funnel with qualified companies. You get the first 100 completely free.

Turbocharge sales

Prospects in LeadScoreApp give you a full overview of which companies visit your website. This means that you can be more proactive in your sales and marketing, as well as gain more knowledge and insight about potential customers.

LeadScoreApp makes your sales work easier. Start each day with a list of hot leads that you can turn into new customers. Here you will find companies that you know are qualified because they actively found your website and invested time in researching your products.

We enrich the website's visitor statistics with additional data points that all sellers will love.  Now you can see the companies, get their contact information, view their social media profile, and easily find contacts on LinkedIn.

Company information

In the Prospect tool you can read information about a company that has visited you. You can see where in the world the company is from. How many employees the company has and what industry segment.

Social media

You can quickly get into your visitors' social media. In the prospect tool, you can easily see which social media the company uses, as well as links to their website.

Visitor history

With our Prospect tool you can see which pages the companies have visited, what date they have visited the pages and at what time. You can even see how many unique visits there are per company.

Fill up your sales funnel with hot leads

Here are the tools that enable you to get more leads, increase conversions
and please the sales department with several hot and qualified leads.

Sell more to businesses with purchase considerations

Keep an eye on the behavior of companies in your sales funnel. Has a company been looking at a particular product at least 3 times? Have they put anything in the basket but didn't complete check out? Have several different people visited the "About Us" page? These are all behaviours that show that there are buying considerations – and you can take action on that.

Find qualified companies

We enrich visitor statistics with additional data points that all salespeople will love. See company name, industry, description, number of employees, year of establishment, zip code, country, number of page views, number of visits, and 90-day visitor history.

Fill up your sales funnel

If you find a company in LeadScoreApp that matches the profile of your dream customer, you can add them to a favorite list. Then you get live notifications every time they access the website. Together with our agency partner you can set up online marketing targeted this list so that top-of-mind preference is built for your business.

Lead scoring addon

Close sales with lead scoring

Investigate every user and any action that leads have taken in real time with full timeline of all page views. 

See who visits important conversion pages, leaves a basket, searches for products, opens emails, interacts with other marketing channels, and when they recently visited the website. 

Close sales faster with our Lead Scoring feature. Lead Scoring helps you identify hot leads that are close to taking the final step in their buying process.

Lead scoring and lead tracking

Tracking contacts

If you publish a newsletter, you can get tracking on all subscribers on the newsletter. Now you get a full overview of individuals' behaviour on the website and the visitor history reveals where each person is in the buying process – and whether they go with purchase considerations.

Perfect timing on meeting booking

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that anyone interested in dialogue will fill out the contact form or click through to the contact page and call you. In LeadScoreApp, you'll find companies that are in the middle of a research phase, where it's perfect timing to offer them insight and clarification. You can see everything they've read on the website, so you can target your conversation correctly by looking at the visitor history.

leadtracking graphics

Prioritize sales efforts against hot leads

Lead scoring automatically builds a priority list of hot opportunities (business contacts) that go with purchase considerations. Sell easier to contacts you already have a relationship with. LeadScoreApp tells you when the timing is perfect for transferring a lead to sale — and gives full insight into interests and purchase motivation by looking at visitor history.

Automatic lead nurturing

Get even better ROI on your online campaigns by automating the right message, for the right leads, at the right time. LeadScoreApp tracks all website visits and sends targeted messages on E-mail, SMS and social media to heat up a lead well for sale.


Can you track all visitors?

We only have the ability to track companies with fixed IP addresses. This means that we do not have the ability to track mobile devices, or companies with changing IP addresses (Typically small businesses).

How do you track your visitors?

Prospectfinder uses reverse DNS to identify visitors to your website. This means that, based on the IP address a company has, it collects information about that company.

How much does it cost?
The first 100 prospects are free. Then from 500 DKK/mdr. But then you also get all the features of LeadScoreApp for lead generation. See more here

What can I do with Prospects in LeadScoreApp?

  • See which company visits my website 
  • See a description of the company 
  • See how many times the company has visited my website
  • See how many unique visitors there are from the company
  • See which pages are read
  • Monitor the behaviour of potential customers on the website. 
  • Build a call list of hot leads
  • Get notifications right in your inbox
  • Create advanced search filter
  • Distribute businesses between sellers
  • Exporting call lists

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