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With LeadScoreApp, you get an efficient and flexible online CRM system that monitors and scores your leads buying behavior on your website.

Old-fashioned CRM routines make no sense!

LeadScoreApp is a new approach to CRM, where we put your website at the center of processing your leads and customers. When leads and customers visit your website, our system records their behavior and a points system calculates how ready the sales lead is. This means that your sales department can now save time and focus instead on the leads that are most profitable for your business.

In LeadScoreApp, you can easily store all your customer information and segment your customer database. This allows you to quickly and effectively target your sales and marketing activities to each customer segment. Everything from emails to calls is recorded in the database, which means that in the future you will get an overview of all the activities and efforts your sales people are doing with your customers.

Decode your leads' buying signals

The buying process can easily be long.

Here it is far too intrusive to push with a sale. By trading when the lead is ready, you can achieve a shorter sales cycle and a higher closing rate.

Today, 80% of purchase decisions have moved to websites where buyers read about the pros/cons of products, delve into specifications and look at user reviews.

By monitoring which pages and types of content a lead reads on the website, you can get an indication of how far a lead is in the buying process.

Online CRM tracking

Optimize your sales processes

Customer Journey

Track yours leads' customer journey and be able to deliver perfect personalized marketing. With LeadScoreApp's Customer Journey feature, you win the digital customer journey.

Marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Increase the ROI on your marketing efforts with our marketing automation tool. Send the right message, to the right lead, at the right time.


LeadScoreApp is a new approach to CRM, where we put your website at the center of processing your leads and customers. LeadScoreApp CRM makes sales and service more efficient.


See when and how your leads use your website.

Lead Scoring

Find hot leads that are ready to take the next step in their purchase process.


Get notifications for leads that visit specific pages on your website.

Lead scoring based on Lead tracking

File tracker

Get a notification when your lead opens your offer.


See overview of your emails, calls, and customer meetings, etc.


View your sales tasks that the system automatically creates.

Clear purchase signals you see in LeadScoreApp

email icon

Opens sales emails

Clicking links

Downloading files

product icon

Reading product descriptions

Reading references on the website

Visiting the page again after 6 months

With that data, you can:

So you get a great overview of the sales processes and how to distribute the resources. With our current customers, we find that LeadScoreApp is time and again an eye-opener that gives businesses new opportunities and better distribution of time and resources.

Salespeople no longer call blindly but only call hot leads and marketing provides intensive lead care and provides sales teams with more hot leads.

Optimize your sales processes

Close your sales faster by identifying leads that just need the final push. See if leads have opened your emails or downloaded your files. Build sales processes, automate tasks, and track your performance.
Lead scoring
Lead scoring and profiling

Marketing by interest

Close sales faster with our lead scoring feature - a points system that is integrated into our online CRM system. Lead scoring helps you identify hot leads that are close to taking the final step in their buying process.

Notes and reminders

At LeadScoreApp, we know how important it is to keep track of your customer relationships. That's why we've developed a note and reminder feature in our online CRM system. It's possible for you to create notes and keep track of conversations and appointments your salespeople have with your new leads.

note graphics
online crm

Succeed with CRM

Identify and get an overview of your customers with LeadScoreApp. Keep track of your daily tasks and convert more of your leads to regular customers, so you can grow and strengthen your customer relationships and sell more— all while saving time.

Automatic e-mail automation CRM

With LeadScoreApp, you can monitor:

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