Track the behavior of your leads with Lead Tracking

With Lead Tracking, you can track the behavior of your leads and use it to create personalized marketing. 

Qualify your leads with behavioral data

With lead tracking, your leads' behavior is tracked, giving you insight into your leads, about what they find interesting, relevant, valuable, etc. 

This makes it possible to tailor relevant and personal marketing to each lead so that you communicate with a lead in the best possible way.

All the information LeadsSooreApp collects is stored in our Online CRM, where we give you an overview of all your leads, then communicate with them based on what they find relevant.

 In other words, LeadScoreApp allows you to send the right message, to the right leads, at the right time, with the right content. 

Create relevant content

Get behavioral data on your leads so you can send personalized content to the right recipient.

Get qualified customers

Get a list of who has visited your website and see which leads qualify.

Increases your sales

With Lead Tracking, you get more customers, so you can increase sales.

More qualified leads in your pipeline

Lead Tracking

With LeadScoreApp, you can track your leads' digital footprint. See which pages your leads visit, whether they read your emails, and whether they download your files. Lead tracking gives you insight into your leads activity on the website and interest in your projects.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring gives you an overview of your hot leads. LeadScoreApp tracks your leads' digital footprint on your website, reads their buying signals, and calculates priority lists of hot leads - which you can make into new customers.

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Prospects in LeadScoreApp give you a full overview of which companies visit your website. This means that you can be more proactive in your sales and marketing, as well as gain more knowledge and insight about potential customers.

Take full advantage of your website's full potential

Data that is jet fuel for your sales and marketing processes!

At LeadScoreApp, we believe that small data is as important as large data from, for example, Google Analytics.
But many companies still only know how many people visit their website and not who.

That's why we've developed LeadScoreApp; a system that shows you who is visiting your website and what they are looking at.

It provides a lot of small data that quickly turns into bigger data that reveals needs, interests, buying signals and more.

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Lead scoring addon

Close sales with lead scoring

Investigate any user and any action they have taken in real-time with a full timeline of all page views. 

See who visits important conversion pages, leaves a basket, searches for products, opens emails, interacts with other marketing channels, and when they recently visited the website. 

Close sales faster with our Lead Scoring feature. Lead Scoring helps you identify hot leads that are close to taking the final step in their buying process.

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Track even the smallest interactions with your website

With LeadScoreApp, you can track even the smallest interactions with your website. For example, it may be whether a lead clicked a button, scrolled down to the bottom of a page, or what a lead has searched for. 

Track digital footprint

With LeadScoreApp, you can track how your leads use your website. See which pages they read, what emails they open, and which files they download.
Lead scoring and lead tracking
Lead tracking can be profiled based on online behavior

Behavioural profiling

Every click on your website reveals something about what your customer cares about. Use LeadScoreApp's profiling feature to segment leads by your products, audiences, or buying behavior.
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Small data - great insights

LeadScoreApp gives you data about your leads that you can trade. You will gain insight into how ready to buy each lead is and also what interests the lead has based on their online behavior.

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